So, I’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon: HeartGold recently.

The twist is, I’m using the Universal Pokemon Game Randomizer to create a unique version of HeartGold. To put it in perspective a bit, all 3 starter Pokemon options were changed from their original Pokemon species; my starter pick was a Larvitar. Other fun things include random encounters with level 10 legendaries like Arceus, and much more wonderful randomness.

I really like the Randomizer a lot. I’m going to try to work more information from my game into these posts, including my current party thumbnails and PC Pokemon information, but for now here’s a little look into my progress.

Name: Worm

Money: $83,966

Play Time: 20:48

Pokemon Caught: 118, Seen: 229


  1. Lv24 Pupitar
  2. Lv32 Crobat
  3. Lv32 Abomasnow
  4. Lv32 Lucario
  5. Lv37 Milotic
  6. Lv36 Magmar

…and way too many Pokemon stored in the PC to list manually! Once I work the kinks in the program I wrote to help me with these Pokemon updates, I’ll be able to have more information here.

It should be noted that my playthrough is anything but legit. Randomizer aside, I’ve also given myself 999 Master Balls right off the bat. I don’t relish trying to capture a legendary Pokemon with a Pokeball right out of New Bark Town, even if it is only level 10!