I’ve decided to try out blogging using GitHub Pages and Jekyll. I haven’t done anything with Ruby in the past, but Jekyll doesn’t seem to require Ruby knowledge, and aside from a few hiccups installing gem packages before I realized bundle install existed, it has been a pretty smooth process getting started.

Some things I really like about Jekyll so far:

  • After a jekyll serve I can edit files and they’re automatically hot reloaded
  • So many community made themes!
  • I can write in any old text editor
    • I especially appreciate this, as I’ve been trying to learn vim lately, so writing blog posts is a good exercise in learning the motions and comands

This site was a huge help getting this blog off the ground. After getting my feet wet with Jekyll, I was able to find a nice theme for this blog pretty quickly too, Pixyll. I really like the simplicity of it, so I plan on sticking with Pixyll for the foreseeable future.

Plus, getting Disqus integrated was extremely easy. It was basically a one step process in the config - “Oh, you want to use Disqus? K, you’re using Disqus” and done. Another plus, the Disqus components just look so nice within Pixyll, it’s basically perfect.

So, what now? Well, posts here might not be very frequent…depends if I have anything to write about. I expect to publish mostly programming posts (C#, Python, and Javascript are very likely, and maybe my old friend Haxe will make an appearance), but that might extend into game development, and from there video game centered posts are a very real possibility. We’ll see. I’m looking forward to learning more about what can be done with Jekyll, and to writing posts here!