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Hacktoberfest 2018

This year I again participated in DigitalOcean's Hacktoberfest event! This was my 2nd Hacktoberfest, having participated last year for the first time. The mission of Hacktoberfest is to help the open source community on GitHub grow and flourish by getting people involved in open source.

GitHub GameOff Day 12

Wrapping up Day 12 of GitHub GameOff 2017

GitHub GameOff Day 3

Wrapping up Day 3 of GitHub GameOff 2017

GitHub GameOff Day 3 feature image

Hacktoberfest 2017

This year I participated in DigitalOcean's Hacktoberfest 2017. The goal of Hacktoberfest is to help the open source community on GitHub grow and flourish, and get people involved in open source. This year was my first time hacking for Hacktoberfest...

Lambda - the Haxe equivalent of .NET's LINQ

C# programmers familiar with .NET and LINQ may come to Haxe looking for similar features - and they're in luck! In this post we'll go through Lambda - a collection of methods intended to be used as static extensions to add functional programming features to Haxe!

hx8 - My First Foray into Emulation

I am pleased to share that my first emulator project, hx8, is complete!

Nim First Impressions

Lately, a language called Nim has caught my attention. Though I'm not very well versed in it at all yet, here are my experiences with it so far, installing, learning, and writing my first lines of Nim.

Pokémon Emerald RANDOM (3)

Pokemon Emerald RANDOM

Pokémon Emerald RANDOM (2)

Things have taken off in Pokémon Emerald! I had some issues in the beginning obtaining my stock of 900 Master Balls, but I've since overcome those struggles, and have been catching new Pokémon left and right!

Pokémon Site/Blog Generator

In writing the Pokémon blog posts that I've been frequently posting, I wrote a small program, currently called pk-site. It occurred to me today that I hadn't written about the inner workings of it here - until now!

Pokemon Emerald RANDOM (1)

I'm back with a new randomized Pokémon playthrough! I just couldn't stay away, despite having planned to take a short break away from Pokémon and these sorts of blog posts for a bit!

Pokemon - Heart Gold RANDOM (6)

This will be my final Heart Gold Random post! I'm retiring this playthrough.

Pokemon - Heart Gold RANDOM (6) feature image

Pokemon - Heart Gold RANDOM (5)

The most exciting news this time is that I’m right under the 400 Pokémon caught mark.

Pokemon - Heart Gold RANDOM (4)

I became the Pokémon League Champion today. Lance was amazed by my power.

Pokemon - Heart Gold RANDOM (4) feature image

2017-06-16 - Pokemon - Heart Gold RANDOM (3)

The biggest update this time - I have made it through Victory Road and into the Indigo Plateau!

2017-06-15 - HeartGold RANDOM (2)

Back with another Pokémon Heart Gold update!

2017-06-13 - FireRed (HGSS)

So, I’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon HeartGold recently.

Using Cmder with Hyper

Today I'm writing about Hyper, a program that essentially wraps a terminal instance in a pretty UI.

Jekyll Blog

I've decided to try out blogging using GitHub Pages and Jekyll